Join the 2GoCup Community and

make your business disposable free!

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Joining the 2GoCup community is easy.

Step 1: Sign up

Step 2: Complete payment of membership fee to join our community 

Step 3: Place order for cups*

Step 4: Begin your journey to ditching disposables!

*MOQ 400 cups

Here at 2GoCup, we aim to make sustainability as accessible as possible. There shouldn't be a premium price tag for doing better for the environment. This is why we price our cups as such. Our minimum order is just 400 cups. We recommend purchasing your busiest weeks worth of cups, so whether that be 400 or 4,000 cups, we're happy to help cafes & organisations looking to become more sustainable and ditch disposables!


2GoCup is cost neutral for cafes, once you purchase your first order of cups they start to pay for themselves. As a vendor, you either have a $2 deposit or a 2GoCup. It's simple! If you run out of cups, simply use the deposits to re-order and re-stock!

Check out our calculator below and see how much 2GoCup could save you yearly!

If you have any further queries or questions regarding our scheme please contact us