Reuse Revolution Dublin
Fat Cat Cafe Rathgar

Become a part of a global network determined to make the switch and ditch disposables

By joining the 2GoCup initiative you are essentially making a promise to your customers to do your bit in helping to ditch disposables and create a more sustainable planet. And with consumers becoming ever more environmentally conscious, there is no better time than now to join our network.

You never have to buy single-use cups again! 

2GoCup's are completely cost-neutral for you. You either have the deposit or you have the cup. When you sell a cup of coffee in our cup, you will either have the deposit from the customer or the cup itself, worth the same amount!


The result of this is that you never have to buy single-use cups or lids again while also encouraging customers to return to your business for their hot drinks!


Our minimum order is just 400 cups!