COVID-19 Measures

We truly appreciate the support we've received from our community throughout the COVID-19 Crisis. We've been working on a simple system to facilitate the use of 2GoCups safely during this time. We suggest each member of our community should they wish to continue serving out of 2GoCups, place a tray that fits in their dishwasher in sight of the customer to facilitate the contactless return of cups.  

Should a cafe not have a tray themselves, we will be happy to provide one. These will be available to any business completely free of charge if they feel it can be used to help maintain health and safety guidelines while using reusables.

As always, it is paramount for customer and vendor safety that the customers' lid stays with them. Should you run short on lids, contact us and we will send out replacements free of charge.

How It Works

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How this system works is simple: 


For customers who have grabbed their coffee in a 2GoCup, once returning to the cafe; 

  1. Take off your lid 

  2. Show the barista you're dropping back the cup 

  3. Place it on the tray 

  4. Collect your coffee in a clean cup (or your deposit back!) 

For vendors;

  1. Pick up the tray by the handles at the side, careful not to touch the cups

  2. Place the tray in the dishwasher and clean the 2GoCups as normal

  3. Remove 2GoCups once clean and reintroduce them back into circulation