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2GoCup is an environmental initiative designed to prevent the production, consumption & landfill created by single-use cups while offering the same convenience and affordability to independent businesses right up to large organisations. 


Aside from our goal to eradicate the use of single-use cups, we want to create a community around coffee and sustainability. We work personally with each of our customers to make sure that 2GoCup works for them. Community helps to strengthen the circular economy, the more local cafes and organisations involved, the better it works for everyone. We want to change how we do things. It’s been far too long we’ve been acting out of pure convenience. 


We’re here for consumers who, like us, want to be more conscious of the impact they have on the world around them. The normal busy people who don’t have the time, energy, or money, to have/carry around a reusable with them. Doing good for the environment shouldn’t mean that you have to pay for expensive sustainable products. There shouldn’t be a fine for trying to do better.

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Become a part of a global network determined to make the switch and ditch disposables

By joining the 2GoCup initiative you are essentially making a promise to your customers to do your bit in helping to ditch disposables and create a more sustainable planet. And with consumers becoming ever more environmentally conscious, there is no better time than now to join our network.

You never have to buy single-use cups again! 

2GoCup's are completely cost-neutral for you. You either have the deposit or you have the cup. When you sell a cup of coffee in our cup, you will either have the deposit from the customer or the cup itself, worth the same amount!


The result of this is that you never have to buy single-use cups or lids again while also encouraging customers to return to your business for their hot drinks!

Environmental Initiatives

Carbon Neutral Delivery

In 2020, 2GoCup partnered with DHL as our shipping partner due to their GoGreen service. This means that all 2GoCup deliveries are carbon neutral. As well as offsetting emissions, the GoGreen initiative invests in climate protection projects in different regions, supporting a mix of projects of different types such as energy efficiency, water supply, or renewable energies. 

All GoGreen calculations and emissions compensation are verified annually by the independent auditing company Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS) in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Product Lifecycle Accounting and Reporting product standard.

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Fifty Shades Greener

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Fifty Shades Greener is the leading green training and coaching company helping the Hospitality industry reduce their carbon footprint while saving money. Our training programmes are action-based and concentrate on behavioural change of the workforce to implement systems and processes that will allow them to measure, control and reduce water, energy & waste.


Trees On The Land

Trees On The Land with 2GoCup

2GoCup is also partnered with Trees on the Land. We want to progress our environmental initiatives, to give back to our community. With this, we have decided that for every customer who takes the decision to remove single-use cups we will be planting a tree for them.


Trees on the Land is a cross-border initiative working to establish young native trees across the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. They work with farmers, smallholders, community groups, councils, schools, colleges, sports clubs and many other landowners to coordinate sites to accommodate trees. They have planted more than a million trees at several thousand sites in Ireland and Northern Ireland since 2013.